The Art of Bruce Miller


"Big Ten-Whitetail"
24 x 30 Oil on Canvas

$8500  /  SOLD

*Prints Available* / Paper 18x24 $200

"I paint a lot of whitetails, the most enjoyable part of painting them, is doing the photo research to get great bucks to paint. Usually late October and early November when they are bulked up and in the rut. Many times I use a body from one buck and the head of another, or I may use several deer to make one. Such is the case with this painting. The horns I can paint anyway I choose, I usually downplay the size of the rack to make them a trophy animal the average deer hunter may get a shot at. Artistically this is a very simple painting, but most of the time in painting: simple is good! This painting is owned by good friend and patron Ken Nelson from Kansas.

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