The Art of Bruce Miller


"1993 Federal Duck Stamp"
7x10   Acrylic on board


Prints Available

Winning the Federal Duck Stamp contest will easily rank and one of life's highlights. Back when I won in 1993, it was a life-changing event, both financially and professionally, and a much bigger deal than it is now. After winning the contest in November of 1992, Deb and I were flown to the White House and met President George Bush Sr. in the Oval Office. It was a huge year with me also being chosen as Artist of the Year for the Wildlife and Western Art Show in Mpls, and I had also won the 1993 Minnesota Pheasant Stamp. And I also did four other state stamp designs that year!  I remember thinking that year would be hard to top professionally, and I was right. In Mound we had a big celebration for the "First Day of Sale" for the stamp. More than 500 people attended the ceremony at the Pond arena. I had invited all seven of the past federal duck stamp winners (from Minnesota) to the event, including Les Kouba, David Maass, and Dan Smith. My dad Howard, introduced me, which was very special and I was awarded a big sign that still stands at the corner of Cty 110 and Cty 44 in Mound: The Bruce Miller Wildlife Preserve, of which I've always been proud.

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