The Art of Bruce Miller


"Rough Water Loons 1"
18x24 Acrylic on board


Rough Water Loons was a breakthrough painting for me. I used to meet up with my good friend Tom Martinson who lives in Finland, Mn. Tom worked for the county, but did photography and wrote books on the side. Tom did all the photography for the Gordon Gullion book "Grouse of the Northshore". Tom and I would do a couple of days in the BWCA in mid June, searching for loons with babies. I got some great shots on those trips and we also caught walleyes for dinner. I actually used water from Lake Minnetonka for this painting. I waited for a windy day, laid down on the dock and got as close to water level as I could. All loon paintings I had seen previously were on calm water, I wanted to do something different for my first loon painitng.

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