The Art of Bruce Miller


"Splitrock Snowy"
18x24 Acrylic on board


This painting almost defines my wildlife career. I had come out of an abstract period and had done some regional outdoor shows with not much success. I remember the worst part of coming back from a show was telling my parents I hadn't sold anything. I usually lied and said I had sold a piece or two, but I hadn't. In 1979 I stopped in a local gallery in Excelsior, MN where I lived. The gallery owner told me wildlife art was really getting popular. At the time, I had a small construction business and was painting in my spare time, but wanted to be a fulltime artist. I decided to give it a shot. This was the first painting I published in 1984 with the help of my dad. It was an instant success and a year later, I was a fulltime wildlife artist! The photo of the owl was taken by my friend Doug Murphy, he had photographed this female snowy on a frozen Lake Superior, so I decided to put the famous lighthouse in the back.

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