The Art of Bruce Miller


"The Challenger"
30x40 Acrylic on board

$9000/ SOLD

*Prints Available* Canvas 24x32 $300 * Edition 20 / call to order 612-240-3198

Of all my paintings, this is one of the most popular. I had come off a burn-out period after winning the Federal Duck Stamp and a few others. I needed some inspiration. I studied the Old Masters-Vermeer in particular. This was the first wildlife painting I did (post burnout) in 1996 which was my rendition of Vermeer with dark background, spot lighting, and rich color. Art experts will see little resemblance to Vermeer, but I know that he helped me come out of a tough time. I think every artist has 'hit the wall' at least once. Its happened to me about three times. I try to turn it into a learning experience; intense study, trips to museums, etc. And attempt to keep improving.


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